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Sachet machines

Since 1996, Mentpack Packaging Machines has been producing sachet packing machines. Over 20 years of experience in sachet machines manufacturing, Mentpack developed its own designs for different sachet applications.

By producing vertical continuous motion sachet machines, vertical intermittent sachet machines and horizontal sachet machines, Mentpack easily finds a solution to its customers for their sachet application needs. Up to 10 lines for high capacities with necessary fillers like multilane auger filler for powder products, multilane liquid pump fillers for liquid products and rotary fillers for any type of granule products give you the best solution for sachet applications.

Vertical continuous sachet machine with auger filler is the best solution when fixed sachet width and variable sachet length needed as well as to be filled powder products such as cacao powder, powder sugar, baking powder, vanilla, coffee powder, milk powder, etc.

Vertical intermittent motion sachet machines with liquid pump filler are the best solution for fixed sachet width and variable sachet length needed as well as to be filled liquid products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings, oil, olive oil, lemon sauce, shampoo, hand cream, sanitizer gel, ice pop drinks, honey and any other type of liquids.

Horizontal sachet machines are the best way of making different size of the sachet with a very short downtime and our horizontal automatic pouch sealing machines are suitable to fill liquids, powder or granule products and pack them without a doubt. Mentpack Packaging Machines produce horizontal sachet machines with more than one filler if it’s needed. Our easy to use horizontal sachet machine capacities are up to 120 bpm depending on the product, sachet weight and sachet dimensions. Another specific horizontal sachet machine is designed to make wet wipes. Detailed information can be found in product pages especially.