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Blog · Buying Tips on Ketchup Packaging Machine for Your Business

Buying Tips on Ketchup Packaging Machine for Your Business

Purchasing a ketchup packaging machine could be a daunting task, especially when you purchase one without knowing your company’s requirements. However, checking a few factors and doing research beforehand would benefit your company as you will be able to fit the machine to your company’s requirements. The ketchup filling machines are nothing but VFFS packaging machines except for the fact that the former helps in filling only ketchup. The functioning of this machine is the same as the other packaging systems. It does the job of creating sachets and filling them up with ketchup in a short period of time. This article will throw some lights on the facts you should consider while purchasing a ketchup filling machine.

Factors to be noted:

Sachet machines are nothing but the machines that are used to create sachets, pour products into them, and seal those sachets containing the products. Depending on the tools and features, the functioning of sachet machines varies from one to the other. The ketchup packaging machine is simple, a sachet machine performs the job of creating sachets and filling them up with ketchup. To purchase a ketchup packaging machine, one must consider the following factors:

  • Workspace: The ketchup packaging machines generally require a lot of space, and hence they should be kept inside the rooms where space is available. In industry, these ketchup machines are kept in line in huge rooms with high ceilings so that ergonomic issues don’t occur. Also, it should be kept in mind that once the machines are deployed, the employees should be able to interact with them without compromising on the space.
  • Output: Some ketchup packaging machines work faster than the others. For example, a machine with well-equipped advanced features can fill more than 500 packages at a time whereas the ones with slow pace fill less number of packages comparatively. Depending on the industry needs, a machine should be bought.
  • Price: The costlier the machine, the higher is the efficiency. Hence, it all depends on the requirement of your industry.
  • Other issues: Other issues such as the sachet size, whether there any printing is done on the sachets, etc. matters while purchasing a ketchup packaging machine.


While all the machines come with warranties, purchasing a ketchup packaging machine from the branded manufacturer is recommended. Those machines are durable and can function smoothly for years. You don’t have to bear frequent maintenance cost for such machines.