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Blog · Considerations Prior to Purchasing a VFFS Packaging Machine

Considerations Prior to Purchasing a VFFS Packaging Machine

A VFFS packaging machine is a commonly used machine system in the foods and packaging industry for packing the related stuff without much manual labour input. In fact, these are the automated machines that perform the packaging and filling tasks effortlessly within the desired time period. Generally, all the VFFs machines follow the same procedures: they unfold a piece of film, cut it into packages, fill them with products, and then seal the packages. Depending on the features of different packaging machines, their efficiency and output might vary. So, if you are looking for a VFFS machine for your company, you need to keep a note of certain factors in order to purchase one

Factors worth noting:

While all VFFS machines work the same way, you need to choose a machine as per the requirement of your company. Let’s suppose you own a small company. Then you would need machines with lesser efficiency. It will also help you save money. However, large-scale companies should purchase the ones that offer higher outputs per minute. Besides the efficiency of a machine, there are other factors to look at when it comes to purchasing a VFFS packaging machine. Listed below are few of the common aspects you should take a note on.

  • Features: There are different models of vertical form filling machines and each of them offers different features. While their main purpose remains the same, their efficiency, output, etc. varies. Hence, purchase a machine as per your company’s requirement.
  • Bag parameters: Depending on a company’s needs, bag parameters vary. These bag parameters include bag types, sizes, weights, products to be filled, etc. Depending on how large or how small they are, a machine should be purchased.
  • Ergonomic constraints: Ergonomic issues matter the most when it comes to purchasing a machine. For example, big BFFS machines couldn’t be kept in small workspaces with low ceiling height. Also, employee interaction matters, so it must be considered how and from where the employees will engage with the machine system. Maintaining adequate space in the workroom is essential.
  • Price: If you have a tight budget, you might consider purchasing the machines with lower efficiency. However, large-scale industries never compromise on the money.


When purchasing a VFFS packaging machine, the reputation of the manufacturer and the retailer also matters. Because the machines mightn’t work after some time due to a manufacturing defect, and you would need support in such situations. So it is always better to buy a VFFS packaging machine from a reputed seller.