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Food packaging machine and food factory experiences

Being a food packaging machine manufacturer means not just having knowledge in the engineering field nor having fancy booths in exhibitions.

Conversations in packaging machine manufacturing are moving around sales opportunities, mechanical and automation engineering, parts manufacturing, correct assembly and tests in house.

After the machine hits the ground in the customer’s factory, and a slightly different journey begins. People will talk about packaging machine efficiency rather than parts’ precision.

Because everybody will keep calculating the food packaging machine’s return on investment instead of engineering.

Thanks to being in the field since 1996, Mentpack experienced engineers know well what pharmaceutical companies and food companies will expect from a machine.

The field experience of Mentpack shows itself at the early beginning in packaging project discussions.

You can also notice that Mentpack packaging machines are already made upon customer’s expectations. Check our packaging machines now and check the architecture closely.

food packaging machine

So, Mentpack understands that even the same food packaging machine application varies to the customer.

Each factory has its own manufacturing culture so that affected even their machines in the field.

However, how you will understand that a manufacturer has enough experience of your needs? Because you will post a job to them.

Check the manufacturer’s experience and check the machine yourself if you feel confident.