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Blog · Modernizing the Packaging Process with Granule Packing Machines

Modernizing the Packaging Process with Granule Packing Machines

The growth and evolution of the packaging process have come a long way and over about 150 years, it has come to a state where growing competition coupled with continuous innovations in technology has made it an extremely sophisticated process. From a time when only luxury goods ‘deserved’ packaging, it has now become an absolute necessity for all goods and products.

Granule packing machines are proof that the packaging process has been modernized to a great degree. These machines are particularly made for packing granular substances like pulses, sugar, tea and rice and others such as cereals, candy, seed, pasta, nut, biscuit and even frozen food. Its use, however, is not limited to just food or edible items and also extend to screws, bolts or plastic materials.

Advent in technology has made these machines extremely accurate with negligible error in packing accuracy. The sensitive weight sensors ensure that only the required and stated amount is packed, causing very low wastage. The bags or pouches that are provided are also specifically suited to pack and store the particular grain or powder.

Most of the granule packing machines come with a PLC system, i.e. it can be used very conveniently, without any hassle through to conduct the entire manufacturing procedure. A PLC, or a Programmable Logic Controller is a digital system used in the industry to automatically control the process of manufacturing. It is ‘real-time’ in nature, providing output results as a response to particular input conditions in a very short time to ensure that the manufacturing process runs smoothly.

Temperature control in such machines is achieved through PID controllers or Proportional Integral Derivative controllers that use a mechanism based on control feedback that ensures continuous modulation to maintain a particular temperature. Though they have a high output level, they do their work in silence. Though factories typically mean a noisy and chaotic atmosphere, such sophisticated machines are designed to do their work silently. The packing material in granule packing machines is controlled through a servo motor which works with a lot of precision as the position of the servo shaft is determined by the signals that it receives, indicating the appropriate rotational position. A servo motor also makes it possible for the machine to work at a high speed.

All these features make the granule packing machine one that exhibits multiple signs of modernization and advancement in technology.