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Blog · Sachet Filling Machine – Does It Perform Flexible Packaging?

Sachet Filling Machine – Does It Perform Flexible Packaging?

A sachet filling machine is important because it enables you to seal and package products for your clients. There are two types of sachet filling machines which include Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) packaging equipment and automatic pouch filling machines. All of them can do your work perfectly but the automatic one is more advanced than the VFFS machine. VFFS machine is used in industries where large volume output is needed and when you don’t have a lot of bag styles and shapes to seal and package.

The Automatic Pouch Filling Machine is Flexible

The automatic sachet filling machine is flexible and you can fill any type of sachet you want. It saves the name of your client and their pouch dimensions such that when you want to sell products for that client, you will only select the name and the filling will start automatically. Automatic machines are also made with a system to package your sachets into cartons so that you easily collect them ready for transport. You can even regulate the number of sachets you would like the machine to produce per minute so that it works at your required pace.

Some machines are able to fill pre-made pouches, perform fitment insertion, sealing, filling and capping. Such machines are extremely flexible so they can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Most modern sachet filling machines perform a flexible filling which means you can serve plenty of clients with the same machine. It is worth noting that most flexible machines are more expensive compared to the VFFS because the former can multitask while the later is limited to only some types of sachets.

Consider testing your sachet filling machine in order to be able to know whether it can fill the types of sachets you want or not. Some of the filling machines come with customization features so that you produce typical sachets that match the expectations of your clients. With a flexible filling machine, you will always be delivering what your clients really need.