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Blog · Tips About Stick Pack Machine Manufacturers You Need to Know

Tips About Stick Pack Machine Manufacturers You Need to Know

The packaging is a crucial stage in the process of production of any material or good, serving the primary function of protecting a product from any kind of damage through not only the period of transit from a manufacturer to retailer but also when it sits on a shelf in any departmental store.

Manufacturers design different kinds of machines for different kinds of intended packaging. One such kind of packaging is stick packing-which is evident in the small-sized packages that on-the-go, busy individuals can consume easily.  Stick packs are pretty much self-explanatory as they are defined by their stick-like, long and slender shape. Some popular products that come in stick packs are drink mixes, spice mixes, coffee and tea. In non-food items, pharmaceuticals products like pain relievers and cough and cold medicines also come in stick packs.

If you’re looking to buy a stick pack machine, you have quite a few manufacturers to choose from. So, it is advisable that you do some research and keep a few points in mind before putting your money in. Here are a few Tips About stick pack machine manufacturers that might help:

  • Amount of experience: Coffee and sugar are two of the most common items that are packed in the stick pack machine. Find out how long the manufacturer has been making packaging machine for sugar and coffee packs; the longer the better.
  • Standard of a machine: This is a no brainer but checking for a high standard of the machine quality is extremely important. Look for certifications like ISO 9001 and CE standard. The quality of the electronic equipment that the machine is equipped with should also be checked.
  • Testimonials: Getting access to testimonials and references for the manufacturer that you’re about to trust can definitely be reassuring. If customers from around the world vouch for the manufacturer, it goes a long way in establishing that their products meet the expected industry standards not just for a single country, but all of them.
  • Service quality: You may have bought the best and most expensive of stick packing machines, but it will definitely need to be serviced or repaired at some time. So it’s wise to purchase from a manufacturer that is located close-by or has service centres close-by to attend to your technical need.
  • Need analysis: Last but not the least, communication with the manufacturer is extremely important. Make your packing needs to be known to the manufacturer so that they can be analyzed, and solutions offered accordingly. Share all information regarding product size, variety and weight so that you can expect the best of services from a manufacturer. So make sure that your manufacturer seems like someone who seems capable of understanding and analyzing your needs to properly respond to them.