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Viscous product packaging

ketchup packaging

A lot of our clients search for liquid product packaging solutions and sometimes it’s challenging for them especially for viscous products, Due to the fluidity maintenance; as we know some fluid’s flow properties varies with the temperature changes, The cleanability can also be a great problem for viscous liquids; the stickiness makes it much more difficult to clean, taking special care to cleanability is the only way to guarantee the hygiene in the production facilities. Not only that, but the high viscosity also increases considerably the waste and the cost, lowering the efficiency of the manufacturing processes.

For example, if we compare a customer that wants to pack water and a customer that packs a viscous product like chocolate, we can see that the viscous liquid presents a higher resistance to flow. If we don’t provide a special solution to that and manage the flow of the viscous product, the temperature is not maintained and decreases considerably along the way.

As you might know, viscosity plays an important challenge to all production stages, especially in the food sector.
Mentpack has a solution to that with our liquid packaging machines, that has a filling unit that’s a plunger pump filler with food-grade gaskets for liquid dosing driven by servo motors with a perfect application precision. In other words, the pump parts machining tolerance is +/- 0.005mm.

It’s a double jacket tank usually used for applications where it’s critical to ensure a constant temperature to help maintain optimum fluidity, with high-temperature flexibility (can reach 90°C) All the parts which are in contact with the product directly are SS316L or Food grade plastics.
Moreover, in this tank, it’s possible to place the drain valve and CIP onto the hopper for the “Clean in Place” process, to connect the central pressurised water system for C.I.P, or directly have the machine’s water tank and pump to ensure perfect cleaning.
Also, equipped with leak proofing, which is an airtight seal vacuum that would not allow air to escape inside. And the most advanced technology when it comes to gaskets which are cutting edge gaskets.

All these characteristics and features make the filling accuracy drop to ±%1 as nominal, ±%2 as maximum if the product is equal to or less than 50.000cps. with a packing process highly smooth, making it the perfect solution for the most hygienization of the process.
We usually help in a broad range of processes not just for viscous product packaging, for food applications we present broad expertise in processing chocolates, honey, caramels, syrups, and creams. However, we can help you assist in any kind of application you need to control viscosity!