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Poaching Bag Machine

poachie bag machine
Poaching Bag Packaging Machine

The machine designed to form, seal and punch poaching bags for poaching eggs. Also, counting and stacking conveyor makes operators’ life easier.

Besides running over 40 cycles in a minute, the machine is very easy to use and maintain for running 24/7 manufacturing.

egg poachie bags
Egg Poaching Packages

What can I pack?

Egg Poaching Bags

Die-Cut Shaped Sachets

How fast I am?

40 cycles/minute

Technical details

Die-Cut Shaped Sachets
Energy consumption : 3,3 kW/h
Air pressure : 6-8 Bar
Air consumption : 450 liter/min.
Electricity : 3P+N+PE 220 VAC/110VAC
Weight: 1000kg

* Above information can vary according to product type, project details and special occasions.