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ISM600 Sachet Packaging Machine

ISM600-L4 – Entry Level Sachet Packaging Machine

ISM600-L4 is a mid-capacity sachet machine for SME FMCG companies to boost their sachets to the market. It’s designed to make perfectly sealed leakproof sachets up to 45 cycles per minute. Proven design best in class servo-driven liquid pumps and shut-off nozzles do not allow to make any interruptions during continuous production. Intermittent motion technology allows getting perfect seals without capacity loss.

As a response to easy to use demand, Mentpack developed its first sachet architecture with modern automation and mechanics.

Faster learning curve thanks to the “think simple” design

think “simple“ features of universal type sachet packing machine

Transparent and easy dismantle product hopper for auger filler unit

Vertical sealers are opened wide for easy cleaning.
Film roll changeover is toolless for ease of use.
Liquid filler: Gaskets changeover of Shut-off nozzles can be done without removing the nozzle.
Auger filler: Individual servo drive control on each auger. Multi agitator mode for working with all kinds of powders.
Granule filler: One arm weight adjustment for all lines.

What are my advantages?

Changeable sachet width and length
Widely opening vertical sealers for easy cleaning
Unique extended life knife design
Automatic film unwinder
Simple mechanical design
Absence of sachet burning when stopped
Easy and precise sealing pressure adjustment
Vertical perforation
Horizontal perforation
Tear notch

User-friendly controls
Worldwide branded components
Spare parts catalogue
10 years plc & HMI software warranty
I/O test manual facility
Built-In remote service over Internet

Filler unit advantages?

Liquid filler:
Servo motor liquid pump (0.01mm precision – 100mm/sec speed)
Maximum volume precision in a single piece actuator
Food grade quick release fittings
Food grade Teflon tubes
Actuator heating on double-jacket filling system
CIP Cleaning option

Granule filler:
Centralized volume adjustment
Long-life rotary cylinder
No product bridging with multi-fill feature

Auger filler:
Each auger is driven by individual servo motors
Standard vertical and horizontal agitators selectable on Touch Panel

What can I pack?


How fast I am?

3in1 Coffee: 45 cycle
Granules: 45 cycle
Ketchup: 45 cycle
Mayonnaise: 45 cycle
Liquid soap: 40 cycle

Technical details

Min. pack width : 40mm.
Max. pack width: 150mm.
Min. pack length: 10mm.
Max. pack length: 170mm.
Max. roll width : 600mm.
Energy consumption : 3,5 kW/h
Air pressure : 6-8 Bar
Air consumption : 250 liter/min.
Electricity : 3P+N+PE 380 VAC/208VAC
Weight: 1000kg

* Above information can vary according to product type, project details and special occasions.