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Annabel Langley Electropops - Australia
Annabel Langley
We brought a 4 lane icepole packaging machine from Mentpack. They worked through all our needs and were amazing at helping us out for information, support and customer service. Can't recommend them highly enough. The process ran very smoothly. Thanks Mentpack.
Marco Pronto Sugartubes - Canada
I bought a 4 lane stick pack machine from Mentpack and needed some modifications to suit my process. The people at Mentpack were very professional in ensuring approvals on the design work and getting my final approval on the completed build and testing process.
George Daoud Rempack - Lebanon
George Daoud
I bought an Artistick+ 4 lane for stick pack sugar packing and I am quite happy with the machine and the service. Because the machine is very easy to operate and almost no maintenance needed. Because of this good experience with Mentpack, I bought 8 lanes.
Mike Smyth MJS Packaging Services - U.K.
MJS Packaging Services Ltd has been the distributor for Mentpack for a number of years now with numerous machines supplied to the UK and other parts of the world.
Mikhalo Ean Dacay Miesto International - Philippines
Mikhalo Ean Dacay
Mentpack custom-made a machine that we needed to produce a unique concept product. The team behind Mentpack gave their own suggestions to make the machine even more efficient. We're happy to buy from them! They also have good aftersales service which is one of the factors why we decided to work with them. We highly recommend working with Mentpack for those looking for a professional, high-quality after-sales.
Mike Brown Caliper CBD - Process Engineer
Mike Brown
Since our initial purchase of a single lane VFFM Mentpack has been very supportive when it came to the purchase as well as the initial setup of the machine. We are a startup company that is always modifying our equipment and processes while maintaining and elevating quality. Since our initial purchase, we have since acquired 2- 4 lane fillers, 2- 5 lane fillers, as well as a bigger 10 lane unit. At every purchase, Mentpack has made a tremendous effort to upgrade their machines. I can tell that they take their processes seriously and strive to improve on a regular basis. The machines themselves are complete workhorses needing very little preventative maintenance. Most spare parts can be sourced locally keeping production downtime to a minimum. As far as customer service goes, I have always been able to reach out to multiple members of Mentpacks team to resolve any issues I may be having. Even with a significant time difference, they always seem to make themselves available for a call.
Salih Cagatay Anti Natural Supplements
Salih Cagatay
We acquired a stick pack machine for our pharmaceutical products from Mentpack. They have a well-deserved reputation with excellent service. It is a solid, established company, an important factor in the current state caused by the pandemic. We were always able to get in touch with managers and technicians of Mentpack who have been gladly helpful along the way. It's great to be able improve our production line via a powerful and innovative company with such a professional manner. We wholeheartedly thank Mentpack and its helpful staff.