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Blog · Liquid stick pack machine technology

Liquid stick pack machine technology

liquid stick pack machine

With years of experience, Mentpack worked on the most innovative machine for liquid filling in liquid stick pack machines and sachet machines.

With its brand new technology, the machine packs many fluids. The high and low viscosity liquid stick pack for example; Mayonnaise, ketchup, oil, water, sauces, tomato paste, CBD oil, shampoo and cosmetics, and even chocolate.

We always believe that the solution to the right workflow is simplicity. That’s why we design our apparatuses simply with fewer tools, fast and easy changeover, and an I/O test manual facility. In addition to this, the machine always makes the best accuracy with zero-leaking. Because of the Servo driven piston pump that has shut-off. Most importantly the components of this stick machine are worldwide brands like Siemens and Omron. In order to, make sure that the customer is satisfied with the quality of the machine that we deliver. Furthermore, the linear servo motion on horizontal sealers makes zero maintenance needed. The machine can have 3 shifts of production for up to thirty days.

Not only that, When it comes to the web width of the liquid stick pack machine, it can also reach a maximum of 210 mm and the length is adjustable directly from HMI by the linear servo. With a high speed that can reach up to 70 cycles/minute speed. At the same time, the stick packs up to 5 lines with a minimum of 17 mm width. Not only that, but the machine also has an anti-vibration system to avoid any constant or sudden damage.

stick pack hand sanitizer

The machine has an automatic film unwind with an easy and tool-less change with only an air shaft. Thanks to the film roll holder that is separated from the mainframe.

In conclusion, our years of experience and love for perfection and simplicity. We could make a high quality, and very efficient machine. To satisfy all our customer in best way possible.