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Pharma Stick Pack Machines

12lines liquid stick pack machine
SPM800/1200 – Stick Pack Packaging Machine

Since 1996, Mentpack Packaging Machines has been producing stick pack machines. Over 20 years of experience in stick pack machines manufacturing, Mentpack developed its own designs for different stick pack applications.

The pharmaceutical industry demands the highest standards in terms of product safety and integrity. Mentpack has solidified its position in the sector with stick pack machines designed to meet these needs. Manufactured in compliance with GMP and FDA standards, Mentpack stick pack machines fully meet the stringent packaging and hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Mentpack’s stick pack machines are ideal for packaging pharmaceutical products in powder, granule, liquid, and semi-liquid forms. With precise dosing systems, each packet is filled with the accuracy and consistency required by the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, our machines have the capacity to produce quickly and efficiently, ensuring customer needs are met even during periods of high demand.
Chosen by numerous pharmaceutical companies worldwide, Mentpack machines are recognized for their reliability. Leading pharmaceutical manufacturers among our clients benefit from the high performance and sustainable packaging solutions offered by Mentpack, confidently delivering their products to consumers.

With innovative design, user-friendly interface, and easy maintenance features, Mentpack stick pack machines are an excellent choice for optimizing packaging processes in the pharmaceutical industry.