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Packaging Machines

Packaging Machines

Flexible Packaging Machines

Mentpack’s wide range of packaging machines listed below are in 3 main categories.

These three main types are divided into many types internally. As we have entry-level to high-speed multi-lane packaging machines for each type.

Pharma Grade Packaging Machines

Precision packaging for pharmaceuticals, manufactured to meet strict industry standards.

Sachet Machines

3 Side Sealed Sachet
4 Side Sealed Sachet
4 Side Sealed Sachet + Chain
4 Side Sealed Sachet + Tear Notch
4 Side Sealed Ice pole Sachet

sachet packaging machines

Stick Pack Machines

Diagonal Cross Seam Stick pack
Flat Cut Stick pack
Zig-Zag Cut Stick pack
Stick pack + Chain
Stick pack + Single side tear Notch
Stick pack + Double side tear Notch
Side longitudinal seam Stick pack

stick packaging machines

VFFS Machines

Pillow Bag
Quadro – Stabilo Bag
Gusseted Bag
Stand-up Pouch
Euro-hole Bag

vffs packaging machines