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Vertical form fill seal machines

vertical form fill seal machines
Vertical form fill seal package types

Owning almost the largest VFFS (Vertical Form, Fill and Seal) packaging machine range for any type of product filling and packaging applications, Mentpack Packaging Machines is one of the leading Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines manufacturer worldwide.

Mentpack Packaging Machines is using different technologies on its VFFS Machines to suit any type of packaging needs like more flexibility on bag dimensions with or without high-speed capacities or entry-level VFFS machines with low speed to be able to supply customers who look for economical solutions as well as fillers to fill different type of products.

stabilo packaging machine
Quadro – Stabilo packaging machines

Four types of VFFS packaging machines meet the requirement of customers in general. 101P and 101P+ are the big frames to be able to make up to 30x45cm bags (approximately 5kg product filling) by pneumatic driven vertical form fill seal packaging machine (101P) for the applications which do not require high-speed capacities but flexibilities on bag dimensions. Fully servo-driven vertical form fill seal packaging machine (101P+) is suitable for both high capacity packaging and more flexibility on dimensions needed applications. 101P Mini has up to 15x25cm bag dimensions (approximately 1kg product filling) packaging ability with max 40 packs per minute capacity. This model is suitable for entry-level startup companies or for specific product packaging needs.

Quadro bag VFFS packaging machine is the only servo-driven model to make Quadro type pouches by intermittent motion. It has unique design formers which have easy changeover process and very short downtime.

The fillers are designed to suit and work on all of our VFFS packaging machine models to give our customers the most suitable solution for their packaging needs. Multihead weighers are for any type of granules to fill which needs precisely weighing, granules that easily broken into small pieces such as almond, walnut, etc. or need high-speed weighing and filling needs. Cup fillers are a good filling solution when there is no need for Multihead weighers like crystal sugar or hard products. Auger fillers are for any type of powder products. It is suitable to fill up to 5kg by changing the auger screw of the filler.

Mentpack Packaging Machines designs its products to be able to combine for customers’ needs. Please select the most suitable VFFS packaging machine from below or contact us to find the best solution for your requirement.