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Powder Sachet Packaging Machine

powder sachet packaging machine
102C – Continuous Motion Auger Filler Sachet Machine

Continuous motion powder sachet packaging machine is designed for filling semi -free flowing and non-free flowing powder products. For example cosmetics powder, 3in1 coffee, chemical powder, supplement powder, powdered coffee, spices products into four sides sealed sachet. The machine’s maximum roll capacity is 1200mm width and up to 12 lines with minimum 50 mm each sachet width.

Design simplicity and fixed-width allows an efficient run with easy to use the feature. Individual servo driven auger screws operates each separate auger to get the perfect filling accuracy.

Time-saving auger filler disassembles design with fully clear poly carbon hopper lids helps to clean the hopper and auger screws very fast and see the product in the hopper any time. Continuous motion sachet machine has cutting edge controlling hardware. User friendly HMI and its motion controlling technology included as standard. It can reach up to 50-60 cycles/minute speed maximum. Premium brands in components are used as the standard in all Mentpack machines.

powder sachet packages
powder sachet
auger filler sachet packaging machines

What are my advantages?

Pack length adjustment from HMI by linear servo
Automatic film unwinder
Easy film roll changes with air shaft
Easy clean mechanical design
Serrated, line or perforating horizontal cutters
Open frame design
Easy access to the film frame
User-friendly controls
Vertical perforation
Horizontal perforation
Tear notch

Each auger motor uniquely controlled
Worldwide branded components
Spare parts catalogue
10 years plc & hmi software warranty
I/O test manual facility
High-speed production anti-vibration system
Clean horizontal cutting without tearing
Easy knife changeover
Better protection for heating cable connections
Tool-less auger screw changeover

What can I pack?

Cacao powder
3 in 1 coffee
Powder coffee
Powder spices
Powdered sugar
Black pepper
Baking powder
Cannabis powder
Pharmaceutical powders

How fast I am?

Cacao powder: 35 cycle
3 in 1 coffee: 35 cycle
Powder coffee: 20 cycle
Powder spices: 25-45 cycle
Vanilla: 35 cycle
Icing sugar: 40 cycle
Black pepper: 40 cycle
Baking powder: 35 cycle

Technical details

Min. pack width: 35mm.
Max. pack width: 130mm.
Min. pack length: 50mm.
Max. pack length: 160mm.
Max. roll width: 100mm.
Energy consumption: 3,2 kW/h
Air pressure: 6-8 Bar
Air consumption: 250 liter/min.
Electricity :3P+N+PE 220 VAC/110VAC
Weight: 1100 kg.

* Above information can vary according to product type, project details and special occasions.