granule filler stick pack machine
101S – Granule filler stick pack machine

Granule filler stick pack machine

101S is a stick pack machine with granular filler for medium size capacity applications. It’s able to fill free-flowing granule products such as salt, sugar, THC, nutritional supplements into stick packs up to 8 lines with minimum 17mm width.

It’s an upgraded stick pack machine to do easy adjustments and automatic controlling systems for continuous production needs. Also with its unique open frame design helps to operate 101S much easier ever so far. Fully closed volumetric rotary filling unit with its unique design for disassembling for cleaning reduces downtime to minutes.

Above all, Mentpack always uses the premium brands in components as standard on all machines. Just to make sure for our customers’ need uninterrupted manufacturing so that we supply free of charge remote connection technical support.  Our stick pack machine has web width is 320 mm. maximum and up to 60-65 cycles/minute speed.

think “simple“ features of liquid stick granule packing machine

Highly reduced downtime by more than 90-degree side opening vertical sealers for cleaning.

The easiest way to remove forming parts by magnetic holders.

Film roll placement at the front side to control packaging film easier.

Zero maintenance needed with the linear servo motion on horizontal sealers.

Tool-less film roll change with ease of use film roll holder.

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easy to use stick pack machine
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What are my advantages?

Pack length adjustment from HMI by linear servo
Film roll holder separate from mainframe
Automatic film unwind
Easy film roll changes with air shaft
Easy clean mechanical design
Serrated, line or perforating horizontal cutters
No pressure adjustment on horizontal sealers
Open frame design
Easy access to film frame
Better protection for heating cable connections
Special shape sealers and tear notch

User-friendly controls
Worldwide branded components
Spare parts catalogue
10 years plc & hmi software warranty
I/O test manual facility
Clean horizontal cutting without tearing
Easy knife changeover
Centralized volume adjustment
Long-life rotary cylinder
Auto synchronization granule filler to machine speed
No product bridging with multi-fill feature

What can I pack?

Black pepper
Freeze dried coffee
Agglomerated coffee
Coffee creamer
Cannabis powder

How fast I am?

Sugar: 65 cycle
Salt: 70 cycle
Black pepper: 50 cycle
Freeze dried coffee: 40 cycle
Agglomerated coffee: 30 cycle
Coffee creamer: 30 cycle
Cannabis powder: 40 cycle

Technical details

Min. pack width: 17mm.
Max. pack width: 45mm.
Min. pack length: 50mm.
Max. pack length: 160mm.
Max. roll width: 1000mm.
Energy consumption: 1,5 kW/h
Air pressure: 6-8 BarAir consumption: 550 liter/min.
Electricity : 1P+N+PE 220 VAC/110VAC
Weight: 750 kg.

* Above information can vary according to product type, project details and special occasions.